About Me

Mohamed Abdelhay is a certified digital artist, his artistic work encompasses digital visualization. His digital artwork has been used in mainstream media by companies, individuals and brands to produce visual effects that can draw their customer’s attention. Mohamed Abdelhay was born in 1996 in Giza, Egypt. He lived there and visited European countries including London and France. Right from his childhood, he had interest in arts and photography. He completed a digital art and graphic design diploma and has also completed a bachelor’s degree in business from MSA University

Mohamed Abdelhay’s work has been quoted as an artist, who often philanthropize his artwork. He has helped several individuals by using Instagram as a platform to create a campaign where people can reach out to him, communicate their issues and to help them in fixing their old distorted photos. In several interviews, Mohamed Abdelhay has said that he fulfills his artistic desire by fixing old pictures and he enjoys giving people their precious life moments back to them that time has blurre.

His illustrative designs have gained attention of the media and he is often quoted as a digital artist in a digital age by the media outlets. Abdelhay has also recreated several distorting old pictures into a digital art and has posted them on his Instagram handle, which has generated a following for him on the social profiles.